Monday, October 27, 2008

Batman is a stinking coward.

One of the most iconic images of Batman and Robin involves the spotlight hitting the Dynamic Duo as they rear back in surprise. It's a weird image, they both very clearly look utterly worried, and I guess mostly they didn't expect anyone to be carrying around a spotlight. You know what stands out most for me, as far as goes this image? It's how ROBIN stands out most - Batman has ducked behind his cape, obscuring his outline, possibly protecting himself with a layer of bullet-proof material (depending on whether he's wearing one of the bullet-proof batsuits or not, I suppose, you'll need to ask Denny O'Neil for more specifics), and most importantly he's chosen to STAND BEHIND THE CHILD. "Shoot the boy, but leave me alone," his body language seems to be screaming, "Can't you see his exposed limbs and garishly colored costume? Get the boy target!"

You know, the thing is,
he's done it more than once. The image was recycled throughout the early issues more than once, not the least of which happening only seven issues later and also on the cover - only this time we pan back to actually see someone training a gun on Batman and Robin. "Hey you! Yeah, you! Shoot the boy, SHOOT THE BOY!"

And then again in Batman #48, except this time he has the courtesy to at least duck off to his left, leaving a baffled Robin an easy target for the shooter, rather than hiding behind him. See, Batman learns!

I better start laying off the Batman comics before this becomes


BeckoningChasm said...

Good grief--those first two images aren't just alike, they're identical--they've just been flipped. At least in today's modern world, comics aren't made with a set of rubber stamps and a mirror.

bibulb said...

I'm late to the game, but back in the day someone in Amazing Heroes theorized thusly :
The yellow Bat-emblem on Batman's torso is a bullet-proof plate with a little bit of extra armor behind it - villains with guns see the bright spot, their attention centers on it and they shoot at it instead of the rest of him
Robin's suit is all bright colors and such like, "thus making him quite literally a walking target! What do you say to that, Batman?"

"I don't like to get shot at."

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