Friday, October 3, 2008

I am a little surprised, yes.

Helluva place to position the tit, fellas

It doesn't appear to be the colorist's day, either.

I've been meaning to post this one for a while now: from Countdown to Mystery, one of the thousand awful tie-ins to the even awfuller Countdown series, wherein we learn that Dawn Whatsername was selected for the mantle of Dove because she's awful flexible.


They Call Me Calamity said...

God, the more I look at this trainwreck, the more I see wrong with it: That sure is one small rifle, that sure is one big unconscious guard, that sure is one awkwardly trapezoidal room, that cape sure is ruffling in a weird way...

BillyWitchDoctor said...

I almost barfed until I realized that Dove's right arm is actually Plastic Man's, miscolored.

What really tweaks me about the rest of the panel is that you have three of the freakiest heroes in the DCU, all possessed by Eclipso (who earlier, you might recall, actually killed Creeper and assorted other B-listers in horrific fashions), and they all look like they want Huntress to join them for dinner down at Chili's.


BeckoningChasm said...

That image seems meant to baffle.

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