Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Presented without comment.


BillyWitchDoctor said...

Oh, there were so many weird and wonderful and deeply disturbing model kits back then.

There was a skull, wearing a spiked "Kaiser" helmet, mounted with internal rubber bands onto a spike rising from an iron cross base, with little B-B eyes that bobbed in the sockets. The rubber bands allowed the skull itself to shimmy and shake, making it possibly the first bobblehead.

I friggin' loved that thing.

Excuse me, I got some Googlin' to do.

John said...

This model was *awesome*. I think my brother built it initially, but we later smashed up all our car models and then built new ones out of the pieces. I remember using the treads to make something equally weird.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Lord, I found it.

Monogram knew boys my age loved skeletons and rubber bands. MPC caught on, with their pre-Depp "Pirates Of The Caribbean" Zap! Action model kits. My older brother was keen on painting these his own way--with the bones dark from flesh-rot rather than bleached white by the sun--which made them that much more fun.

We may never see their likes again.

John said...

Yes! We had at least one of those, too. I clearly remember the skeleton that pops out of the coffin and sticks a dagger into a map.

emb021 said...


Wow! I remember many of those kits when I visited stores at the time. Not sure if I had any of them, but do recall seeing many in the stores...

Arkonbey said...

Just for basic info, the kit has been re-issued. Much to the consternation of eBay-ers


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