Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's been slow around here lately, so let's ... SPEED IT UP, ho ho!

In honor of Geoff Johns crafting what is possibly the dumbest supervillain M.O. in the history of comic books - already a medium which can't support a lot more weight resting upon the stupid shelf - how about we take a gander at what else Professor Zoom has done to Barry Allen in his insane quest for vengeance. Outside of (gasp) pushing a six-year old kid down the stairs, traveling across the gulf of time to metaphorically stuff Barry's mom in the refrigerator and probably writing cuss words on Iris Allen's car with soap - EVIL FUTURE SOAP - I reckon it's likely that Zoom was also responsible for this scathing parody of the Flash which was produced by Topps trading cards back in the 17th century or something.


negrofrankenstein said...
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negrofrankenstein said...

Is this a Wally Wood ripoff, or was it drawn by Wood in the days of his failing eyesight?

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