Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gone and ForgottenWeen Presents ... THE RAGMAN

It's shrinky-dink horror from Cat-Man Comics (which you can sing aloud to Cat Scratch Fever, amusingly enough ... for me, anyway) starring the FIRST hero to take the name Rag-Man, and who I think might also be the world's first hobo superhero.


BillyWitchDoctor said...

"Ha ha ha! For ten years I've been waiting in the corner for this very moment to strike!"

"Tiny! You're tiny! And so am I! Thank God the bad guys only toss very weak acid or shoot water guns at us! If someone launched anything deadlier than a rock at me, you wouldn't be my idiot sidekick manservant any--wait, what are you doing, Tiny? Put that brick down!"


"That's enough of THAT $#!%, 'massa.'"

Wooly Rupert said...

A little element Z goes a long way.

Daniel [] said...

Kubert's Ragman recently showed-up at the Pictorial Arts.

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