Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gone and ForgottenWeen presents ... THE GREATEST MONSTER OF THEM ALL

And what better way to wrap up 31 days of horror comics with the biggest, baddest, most persistent bogeyman in comics history? Yup, here's some FREDERIC WERTHAM (eeeee!) to scare you guy back under your covers! Enjoy this article on the evils of comics from Saturday Review, and tremble under the real horror of it ... Wertham was RIGHT! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-haaaaa!


John said...

"True freedom is regulation."

Flossin said...

Dear Sir, please continue this blog. It was always really funny. The Atlas posts were my favorite.

They Call Me Calamity said...

Thanks Flossin - I may just, I've been considering a reboot and relaunch in the new year. If I can organize my ideas well enough, I'll bring the site back in 2011.

Jeremy said...

That is totally not what a Necronomicon is.

rnigma said...

The Saturday Review, in 1950, had an article by John Mason Brown that tore apart a comic book adaptation of "Macbeth." The letter column in the next issue featured a response from Doc Wertham (who agreed with Brown), and, above it, a letter defending the comic... from Herschell Gordon Lewis, future director of "Blood Feast" and "2000 Maniacs"!


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