Thursday, February 6, 2014


And then tell them about the boy, Martha!
Sure, his name sounds like a congenital condition, but Microface is actually Tom Woods, an inventor who takes up the cause of justice in the memory of his slain brother. Using his inventions – which, he pointedly mentions, were turned down by the government AND which I assume is a thing he brings up at every dinner party and family gathering, much to the consternation of his in-laws – Tom disguises himself as Micro-Face, the hero with no super-powers but who has a cumbersome mask that severely limits his ability to breathe and his peripheral vision.

Micro-Face’s amazing mask confers upon him the power of x-ray vision and a built-in loudspeaker that also allows him to throw his voice in literally any direction. This comes in handy whenever Micro-Face is feeling a little low and needs a bit of a pick-me-up, as he can wander into any crowd and have cries of “Hey, isn’t that the best super-hero of all, Micro-Face, right over there?” and “I think you’re right! It’s Micro-Face, gosh, what a guy!” and then he goes all high-pitched and says “Gosh, what I wouldn’t give to be Micro-Face’s girlfriend! What a man!” and then later he can look through the wall at the women’s gym.

The mask also gives him the power of super-sensitive hearing, which is a power I would strongly recommend Micro-Face not use when his friends don’t know he’s in the nearby room.

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