Thursday, October 9, 2014


If you're attending NYCC tomorrow, you should swing by the Quirk Books booth (#2236) to pick up a promotional poster for THE LEAGUE OF REGRETTABLE SUPERHEROES, written by ... me!

You may know that I've been running this blog intermittently for the last decade or more, and you may also know that I was on This American Life once to talk about the superheroes who never made it big. Well, the nice folks at Quirk thought there'd be a pretty good book in that, so earlier this year I completed a collection of 100 of the most unfortunate and unbelievable near-misses in the history of superhero comics! "From Atoman to Zippo," as they say in the promo material, and 98 more, including such weirdos and what-the-hecks as The Red Bee, Nature Boy, Brother Voodoo, Mother Hubbard, Detective Eye and many more!

The book debuts next year, but the promotional push starts now, so check out the link and, you know, bear with me because I'm going to be talking about this for like the next eight months nonstop.

Read more about it here!


Wooly Rupert said...

Eh, maybe if you illustrated it too.

Calamity Jon said...


Calamity Jon said...

Hold on, I gotta tell my editor to take your name outta the acknowledgements.

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