Saturday, October 4, 2014


"Greetings, online lurkers and internet ne'er-do-wells, and welcome to the first installment of this year's Gone&Forgotten Halloween Saturday Chiller Theater! Four weekends in a row of classically gone and forgotten tales of terror from the genre of comics which, at one time, pushed superheroes completely off-the-racks!

"It wasn't so long ago that a colorful coterie of gruesome ghouls were more common sights in the funny pages than any caped-and-cowled superhero. Take me, for instance, the bored uncle of horror hosts, Mister Mystery! I hosted an eponymous series of pre-Code horror stories in the 1950s and had an expression like your grandfather at a fancy key party. Try to wrest that spooooooky image from your mind, your grandfather plowed a stranger's wife, and he looked just -- like -- ME! Buwah-haha!

"Join me in the telling of this sci-fi shrieker from Star Publication's Ghostly Weird Stories No.122 (February 1954) - yes, plain old ghostly stories weren't enough, regular old weird stories weren't enough, Ghostly Weird Stories was the book which demanded its stories be both ghostly AND weird! Just like this claustrophobic tale of existential terror, DEATH SHIP!"

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Story and art: Jay Disbrow

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