Saturday, October 25, 2014


"Hey there, I'm Smurfette, and welcome to the last Saturday Chiller Theater entry for this year's 31 Days of Halloween.

"Of course, I'm actually Winnie the Witch, Charlton's bespectacled, blue-skinned and pulchritudinous answer to Vampira. You know when you get some blowhard arguing that he's not a racist because he doesn't care if someone's skin is white, brown, blue, purple or orange? Well, I'm the blue skin he's talking about! Thanks pals, I appreciate the votes of confidence!

"I primarily hung around Ghostly Haunts, until Charlton's waning days dragged a lot of inventory stories out of hiding, when Dr.Graves and I got to hang out and steal the hosting gigs from other established creeps and weirdos. Hey, work is work.

"In the meantime, here's a gruesome hit from the sci-fi-centric Forbidden Worlds and also what the Red Planet called "Lola Rennt", RUN MARTIAN RUN!"


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