Sunday, October 19, 2014


"Hello kids, I'm television's Marty Engels ... FROM HELL!

"Actually, I'm Mister L.Dedd, host of Charlton's GHOSTLY TALES and owner of what is possibly the most confusing horror-host pun-based name possible. L.Dedd, L.Dedd, as in ... you know, 'El Dead,' which is Spanish for 'The Dead," I think. Maybe I'm an L.Ron Hubbard joke. I dunno, anyway, I changed it to 'I.M.Dedd' eventually because I guess if you want anything done right around here you have to do it yourself.

"If I stand out for anything in particular as a horror host, it's probably for looking like some sort of hellbent Danny Thomas. Just picture my lying under a glass-top coffee table, it'll complete the picture, I guarantee it.

"In the meantime, here's a forgotten classic from THIS MAGAZINE IS HAUNTED outlining the byzantine supernatural punishments of an outmoded primitive superstition. Me, I value reason and rationalism over absurd theocratic dogma. This is why I subscribe to Scientology."

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