Sunday, October 26, 2014


"It is I, DOCTOR DEATH, or because of a lawsuit from the estate of Jack Kevorkian, DOCTOR DE*TH. Embarrassing isn't it? Their lawyers suggested they were bringing the trademark infringement suit so as there wouldn't be any confusion in the potential marketplace. What, is Kevorkian hosting comic books now? Am I snuffing seniors in a motel room? No? I'd say we're good, but that's not what the Judge thought...

"You know, I never understood the issue with Kevorkian, anyway. Same folks who said they supported assisted suicide in terminal patients were furious with Koverkian because they perceived him as a murder-happy ghoul. Well, good? Like, if we ever did institutionalize assisted suicide, surely you'd want murder-happy ghouls manning the plungers, right? I mean, I wouldn't staff the whole place with them, I wouldn't suggest the janitor and receptionist ought to keep scrapbooks that are just photos of celebrities with the eyes gouged out with a half a pair of safety scissors or anything. Certainly no one who administers any kind of bedside service, nurses and such - they shouldn't be looming over the terminally ill, drooling as they intone "soo-oo-oon."

"But the guys who actually administer the final poison? Yeah, those oughtta be kill-crazy nutcases. It'd drive a decent person nutso and weigh heavily on their conscience, let the sociopaths do the heavy lifting, you know? Everybody's happy.

"Anyway, wrapping up the Theater section of the site's 31 Days of Halloween, here's a holiday-appropriate themed story from Surprise Adventures, TRICK OR TREAT!"


Script: Uncredited
Art: Mike Sekowsky

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