Thursday, December 11, 2014


Nowadays, there's an app for this. 

Adventure Comics vol.1 No.342 (March 1966)

Thom Kallor  - a.k.a. Star Boy – kills an assailant in self-defense, but nonetheless faces court martial for violating the Legion’s primary rule against homicide. An unusual issue which involves much in the way of courtroom proceedings, the key scene comes when the entire roster of the Legion is asked to vote on the matter – including two of its 20th century members, voting in absentia.

Matter-Eater Lad – a superhero who can consume all matter at lightning speeds – has been played as a comedic character in portrayals from the 1990s through the present, but he was originally often portrayed as a vicious scold, stern authoritarian, and sometimes just a goddamn dick. Here, he casts one of the votes which results in Star Boy being expelled from the Legion of Super-Heroes.


RicG said...

So glad somebody else remembers Tenzil was very much a law & order type! I never liked the 5YG portrayal because it was all very well liking the character (who doesn't?) but retconning him into a constant bugs-bunny-esque comedy relief dismissed all that.

cup king said...

It just goes to show, you can't spell "Not Guilty" without "Guilty"

Moondarq said...

To be fair, Matter Eater Lad did eat a reality-altering machine and then spend an indeterminate time in a coma. Which seems as good a rationale as any for a change in attitude.

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