Monday, December 15, 2014


The volley of needles harmlessly bouncing off of Superboy's mug is hilarious.

Superboy Starring the Legion of Super-Heroes No.201 (April 1974)
“There’s just one slight drawback…”

The Legion try-outs have been a tradition in the Legion books practically since the team’s inception, as is the tradition of the applicants who are utter, grotesque, explosive failures.

Above is pictured Porcupine Pete, the superhero who inaccurately but dynamically shoots super-tough porcupine quills from his body. Other Legion rejects from this particular tryout include Green Boy (can turn anything green), Polecat (smells bad), and Lester Spiffany (a rich idiot).

Many of the Legion’s rejected applicants, including Petey there, end up joining the Legion of Substitute Heroes (an unofficial Legion cavalry which holds their meetings in a cave because they have general low self-esteem and probably clinical depression).


BillyWitchDoctor said...

Gotta love how Porky thinks the best way to demonstrate his power is to set himself off in a roomful of people, many of whom aren't invulnerable at all.

Gotta love how the LSH treats applicants like American Idol contestants, summarily and coldly rejecting anyone who isn't 100% ready to rock their powers. ...Training program? What's THAT? Piss off, useless! Maybe the Legion of Super-Villains can use a walking bomb or someone who can cause a spontaneous epidemic!

cup king said...

"You're power is obviously more of a hinderance than a help."

Not if he were at the Alamo! Or in a disused tyre factory surrounded by assailants. Or in his own pocket universe surrounded by massive bubble-wrap that he wanted to pop.

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