Thursday, December 18, 2014


Adventure Comics vol.1 No.373 (October 1968)
“Would it help if we told you we’re direct descendants of Barry Allen?”

Superman wasn’t the only hero whose legacy persisted into the 30th century; clones of the core members of the present-day Justice League are “currently” running around the future as Justice League 3000, while the Legion has otherwise boasted members of the Shazam Family, the Green Lantern Corps and, like Don and Dawn Allen here, descendants of the Flash (they turn out, in fact, to be his son and daughter).

Possibly the most inglorious fate of any future descendant of a modern-day hero, though, is Oli-3 Queen. A perfect lookalike for his famous ancestor – right down to the fancy chin-spinach – Oli-3 hasn’t picked up the family bow (at least yet) but makes his credits as a Metropolis tour guide.

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Bram said...

IIRC, Oly is a total grump and curmudgeon at least.

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