Friday, December 19, 2014


Legion of Super-Heroes vol.2 No.294 (December 1982)

The finale to The Great Darkness Saga – generally considered to be one of the best (or often THE best) Legion of Super-Heroes story arc in the team’s 60-plus year history – tied the Legion together with its 20th century forebears by pitting it against the biggest, baddest foe which the DC Universe had to offer (up there on the right), and lent some longevity to Kirby’s Fourth World saga.

Keith Giffen lays out the big reveal in a two-page spread which recalls Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” which adorns the Sistine Chapel. It’s not the last time Giffen would yoink a visual cue from the work of the great masters – a little further down the road, he’d render the newly-reformed Legion of Super-Villains after Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”.

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Robert Berman said...

Great point about the Da Vinci homage; good eye! I also didn't notice all the Kirby Krackle when I read this as a kid, though it's very obvious now. I did always think it was strange that Shadow Lass's exclamation "Darkseid" is in the spiky word balloon that means she's shouting, but there's no exclamation of any kind, and it's not in an enlarged font; I would have expected one or both of those techniques at such a pivotal moment.

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