Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Oh, you're the one.

Adventure Comics vol.1 No.351 (December 1966)
“I’m the Weirdo Legionnaire!”

When Brainiac 5’s government-sponsored efforts to create the most advanced computer intelligence in the universe backfire, the Legion finds themselves under assault by a seemingly indestructible, unstoppable, unquenchable machine of pure hate – Computo!

The two issues featuring the Legion’s battle against Computo are possibly their most fast-paced and gimmick-packed stories as they throw everything but Kitchen Sink Lad at the would-be mechanical monarch; Triplicate Girl is (apparently) killed and cheerily resurrected at two-thirds capacity, the deep-space heroes’ graveyard of Shangalla is debuted, meanwhile Brainiac 5 and the Legion try to overcome Computo by pitting him against an ill-fated (and frankly ill-conceived) Bizarro duplicate, send Chameleon Boy’s shapechanging pet blob into battle as the bizarre Weirdo Legionnaire, and stage a full retreat to the long-abandoned Batcave.

In the end, an anti-matter monster capable of destroying the world is unleashed and barely restrained in the literal last-ditch effort to destroy the robot overlords. Then, wisely, they let Brainiac 5 go invent a bunch of other things.


neofishboy said...

"I'll grab you in three places and then shoot you! While ... swimming, I guess?"

Bram said...

Um. Yeah. That's Omega Red.

Seriously, though, while there were plenty of problems with Computo, that was fodder for a lot of ongoing stories and character development throughout years.

cup king said...

If only he had one more head, he'd be able to form a barber shop quartet.

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