Saturday, December 6, 2014


Lightning Lad has got to feel like a fuckin' idiot right now.
Adventure Comics vol.1 No.293 (February 1962)
“My plan to have four super-animals simultaneously attack the globes, succeeded!!”

As a 30th century super-force against crime, injustice and evil, the Legion has not only an entire galaxy of disparate lifeforms from among which to choose its members, it has all of history at its disposal. Not surprisingly, the Legion chooses to double-down on fellow super-powered allies of their inspiration, Superboy. They’ve got Superboy’s “big brother” Mon-El, his cousin Supergirl, but with much of the thousand years of Superman’s upcoming history shrouded in mystery, they have pick ‘em where they can find ‘em.

Such a selection is The Legion of Super-Pets, assembled at a time when the Legion was very much an adjunct of the Superman universe rather than its own entity. Consisting of Comet the Super-Horse (a human archer magically transformed into a super-powered stallion), Supergirl’s pet cat Streaky (whose powers are derived from “Kryptonite-X”), and Superman’s fellow Kryptonian survivors Krypto the super-dog and Beppo the super-monkey, the quartet is assembled to drive off powerful space brains whose immense offensive capabilities are useless against animals. Phew!

The Super-Pets had their own headquarters, official roster, and even team tryouts. Because of course they would.

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