Monday, December 8, 2014


There's a battle royal on the card for Wrestlemania CMLXXXIII
Adventure Comics vol.1 No.364 (January 1968)

It’s a big universe, but not a big enough universe for two competing teams of legionnaires – The Legion of Super-Pets takes umbrage at callous treatment by their human counterparts, and so defect to another planet. When their primate masters come to retrieve them, it’s a fight! Fight! Fight! Quick, someone turn to wax paper! Fight!

The membership of Comet the Super-Horse has always been kind of a weird one, as the equine “super-pet” was born a human, retains human thoughts and emotions, and transforms back into a human whenever a comet happens to be passing in the nearby sky. When he takes such an opportunity to infiltrate the Legion in his human guise, he’s promptly accepted, although he’s promptly demoted back to a “pet” when the comet’s effect wears off. That’s gotta be one bitter horse.

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Sina said...

"Super-Pets...CHARGE!!!" :D that's an *amazing* battle-cry :) now i kno' y Alan Moore gave Krypto such a magnificent heroic send-off in The Last Superman Story, 'Watever Happened To...?", etc.

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