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That's how diseases get spread, you know.

The Pink Eyebrow - is he friend or foe? It's a tough call, because judging entirely by his sole appearance in the pages of little-remembered comedy anthology All-Funny Comics No.16 (Mar-Apr 1947), he's a little bit of both.

Appearing as an antagonist in the pages of "Penniless Palmer," a feature about a trio of well-meaning and rarely-paid troubleshooters (Besides Penniless, the other members of his troupe include Omnivorous Oxie and Beauteous Bunny), the Pink Eyebrow leads two lives.

So you buy and sell people but
somehow HE'S the bad guy, huh?
For the most part, he's a comic book superhero - one of the most popular heroes published by O.Howe Tragic of the surprisingly eponymous O.Howe Tragic Comics, as a matter of fact. More surprisingly, he's in the company of O.Howe Tragic's coterie of similar celebrity super-heroes, including the Green Arrow, Superman, Batman, Robin and cowboy crooner The Vigilante. This is a puzzling conundrum best resolved to the continuity nerds, I'll leave it to you and your Multiversity Map to figure out on what Earth this story takes place.

On the other hand, in the meganta-bedecked flesh, the Pink Eyebrow and his pals harass our heroes and the imperiled publisher Tragic. While their Vigilante proves less-than-adept with a lariat and their Superman gets his clock punched by taking a heavy book to the back of the head, the Pink Eyebrow is in full swing with his superpowers - he blasts his enemies with burning tears and fastens their mitts with fake eyelash handcuffs (eyecuffs, maybe?).

The whole thing is a scheme of rival publisher Mr.Taymer to force Tragic to sell the popular Pink Eyebrow to Taymer Comics, but Penniless Palmer and his pals put an end to those shenanigans. The Eyebrow hasn't been seen since, and you'd know if he had because he;s kind of hard to miss in that outfit.

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Aloysius Blutgeld said...

"The Pink Eyebrow" sounds like an old-timey frat hazing involving a cigarette lighter.

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