Monday, April 6, 2015


This ad from the Golden Age maps the trials and tribulations of a man who simply cannot get smoking done correctly. He is bad at smoking, a skill even your merest sprite of a child can master with aplomb - in fact, they must've, because this ad appeared in a comic book at a time when comics were generally aimed at ten year-olds! Well, where do you think the kids of 1948 bought their pop's birthday gifts?

"They're here someplace. Gosh, now I can't find a match! Oh shit, I pulled out my catheter! Oh no, I crossed the streams, Ray! Dammit, I left my fingerprints all over the crime scene! Look, Ann, maybe I should just take you home, or pawn you off on the busboy."

Of course, once you get your cigarette case and lighter issues resolved, you'll need a place to dramatically stub out your smokes when making a fervent declaration, and what classier place to do so than your very own Original Kentucky Tavern Barbecue Ash Tray?

Less than four bucks and you're the classiest dude in town, what a bargain!

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