Wednesday, May 27, 2015


I’d mentioned previously that E.Nelson Bridwell, while taking on writing chores for the Super Friends comic (and doing a surprisingly decent job for what was essentially a tie-in to a Saturday Morning Cartoon – Bridwell certainly knew he had here the opportunity to work not only on the Justice League but to do so against a practically clean slate ) indulged in the opportunity to develop a backstory for Zan and Jayna, the shape-shifting alien Wonder Twins.

The Twins took on secret identities in order to attend school and learn about their adopted world, and in doing so piqued the curiosity of some of their classmates. In Super Friends vol.1 No.29 (February 1980), some of the disguised Twins’ classmates took it upon themselves to discreetly follow the pair after school, on order tp sneakily uncover what appeared to be an aura of strangeness about the two of them. Of course, the Wonder Twins were trained in surveillance and evasion by Batman, and trained in killing dudes by Amazon soldiers, so they just slaughter their classmates and bathe in their blood.

OH NO WAIT, I got distracted. Knowing that they’re being followed (by a different classmate every day), the Twins come upon a plan -a weird plan, I admit – to baffle their fellow students. Each day, they lead the pursuing classmate to an alley into which they duck, and by the time the classmate turns the corner, they’ve used their transformative powers to become something weird to blow their minds.

Like, one time Jayna becomes an elephant with butterfly wings and Zan becomes, I don’t know, a spittoon which sings opera. Something useless. Or Jayna becomes a pterodactyl and Zan becomes novelty ice cubes made of blood, I don’t recall, Zan is boring.

And then, the last time, they become the following:

The last time I saw anything like this, it cost $14.99 on a hotel pay-per-view channel.

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