Monday, July 27, 2015


If comics encourage its young readers to emulate anything, it's to try their hand at drawing. I can promise you that at least every third kid who ever read a comic tried making one of their ownat some point.

The problem is: drawing is free! How can you encourage young adults to spend actual cash money on learning how to draw? By making it sexy of course!

An actual glimpse into Dave Stevens' life

The allure of art for centuries has almost certainly been the belief that an artists' life is primarily spent drawing sexy women in bohemian studios. Whatever the reality, and even if the dreamer's imagination doesn't quite go so far as to add the suffix of the thought "...and have SEX with them," at the very least it assures would-be artists that you'd at least get to see a naked boob!

Even the lady in the back might show you her naked boob!

How real is the sex appeal of the amateur artist? Well, a famous Washington artist was paid $60 for that drawing on the left. Woo. It pays to be famous - and even letterers get to look at naked ladies evidently - sign me up!

For those aspiring artists who don't have the temperament for correspondence courses, there are alternatives to the world of mail-order education. You can, of course, just learn to trace...

And you can even get nearly naked girls to pose for this, too!
(Hey, here's a fun game: Which popular 90s artist was rumored to use this very device to illustrate his cheesecake covers and pinups? The answer is not Greg Land.)

Still there's no alternative to education - let this resentment-riddled day laborer fill you in!

Yeah, just look at his model!

Are you ready to enter the amazing world of art? Here's your test - draw the sexiest thing known to mankind!

For extra credit, draw Jobs and Cash.
There you go, I'm sure naked boobs are on their way to your door as we speak! Excelsior!

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Unknown said...

"You are in demand if you can draw!"

Oh, I never laughed so hard in my life. No, you are in demand only if you've already proven you're a popular artist. If you can draw you fall into the category "Dime a Dozen". It's a buyer's market when it comes to art and if you've chosen it as a profession, you've already lost.

But hey, at least you can console yourself with the thought that you're not as bad off as writers. Those idiots are a dime a million.


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