Thursday, July 2, 2015


SOMEbody got a thesaurus for their birthday.
As superheroes go – even the rare immaterial variety of supernatural superheroes – Ghost Woman seems to lack the in-your-face quality one needs to punch out crooks. As a matter of fact, she’s absolutely intangible for the most part, and also almost entirely invisible, and just look at the shoes she’s wearing. Honey, you’re going to break an ankle.

While still alive, the otherwise-unnamed Ghost Woman drives at breakneck speed through darkened roads. Her mission: Find “John” and tell him that his daughter, believed dead, is actually still alive and safe in a foundling home.

Unfortunately, in her haste she manages to drive straight off a cliff and dies. On the plus side, she’s so focused on her mission that her soul remains trapped on the material plane. That’s good news!

"He doesn't even feel me lifting his wallet!"
Ghost Woman apparently possesses the power of instantaneous transportation – as she finds herself teleported to John’s side in the blink of an eye – but unfortunately not many other abilities. During the course of her sole adventure, she’ll manage to sort-of move an old blunderbuss and a fork, and also slug a werewolf in the chops. That’s a pretty big gap in one’s abilities.

As for John, he’s possibly a secret agent whose enemies seek his death, or he’s just hated by werewolves. Again, this book isn’t big on backstory. Whatever the case, Ghost Woman manages to plant the idea in John’s bereaved mind to shoot the werewolves with silver forks, ending their evil and leaving John to pledge “I’ll hunt them down and destroy them … that will be my mission in life!”

As for Ghost Woman herself, her mission is … not much? Even though she’d found a way to communicate with John, she sort of neglects to mention his still-living daughter by story’s end. Then again, she’d had a big day, maybe she can pick things up where she left off tomorrow.

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