Monday, September 7, 2015


Dominantly wackaddo but little-remembered Simon-Kirby collaboration THE STRANGE WORLD OF YOUR DREAMS contained, among its quasi-horror stories, dreams allegedly sent in by readers for analysis by Richard Temple, the man who invented temples.

More than likely, these comon-of-garden nightmare scenarios were wholly manufactured at the production end of the story-making process, but the Simon-Kirby team makes for some convincing spectacle:

Yeah, I have the same life ... DREAM, I meant, dream!
The solutions to the dream analysis is pretty familiar from ending to ending, being something typically along the lines of "Stop trying to fill; your life with hopes and dreams, embrace the material." I say that and I'm sure it sounds facetious, but I'm on Richard Temple's side. I mean, the man invented temples, if it weren't for him we wouldn't know what our bodies were and our glasses would poke into our skulls and touch our brains!


James W. Fry 3.0 said...

Hey, what gives? Those last three panels? If that's Kirby's work, I'll eat my own foot! The rest of the story, yeah, visibly. Could Jack have missed a deadline? Hard to imagine.... Brrrr! Disturbance in the force!

Calamity Jon said...

It's probably Simon, is my guess.

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