Saturday, October 17, 2015


"Welcome to the Tower of Shadows, my place of employ. And who am I? I'm Headstone P.Gravely -- of the Connecticut Gravelies! Perhaps you've heard of my great-uncle, the elder statesman Urborg Dandelion Whitstone-Gravely. He's the man who passed a law making it illegal for a man to whistle at a horse in Massachusetts!

"I introduced the stories over in one of Marvel's horror titles, a task also undertaken on at least one occasion by Stan Lee himself! Hey buddy, I don't come down to where you work and tell you how to midwife a shared superhero universe which resonates with the increasingly self-aware youth movement of the 1960s, do I? You leave the leaning on a shovel bit to me, I got mouths to feed. Disembodied mouths, admittedly, but they still gotta be fed.

"Anyway, work's been slow since the horror host gigs dried up, so I'm pretty happy to be presenting this classic horror tale. I can't live off my trust fund forever, after all ..."

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