Sunday, October 4, 2015


"Greetings all, it's me - Lucien! Host and caretaker of DC's short-lived Tales of Ghost Castle! Although, to be fair, you're most likely to remember me as the librarian from the Nineties' spookiest-ookiest comic book series, the Sandman.

"According to that book, I was a deferential, humble, softly-spoken subordinate, which resembles my original character from Ghost Castle in absolutely no way whatsoever. This may come as a giant shock to you, but I'm not a hundred-percent sure that Neil Gaiman reads the source material before he appropriates previously existing characters for his comics. Me and Element Girl and those poor kids from Infinity Inc, we never expected the Nineties to happen to us.

"ANYway, why don'tcha enjoy this classic horror story from the pages of Web of Evil, featuring a gloriously decadent and explosive splash panel. Me, when they brought me back for Sandman, all I got for splash panels was Mucha borders and pastoral lakes. I coulda used an exploding door and a saw-wielding cave monster now and again ..."

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