Sunday, October 25, 2015


"I bet I look a little familiar, don't I? Let me guess - you never forget a face! Ha!

"Greetings mere mortals, I'm Squire Shade, briefly the host of DC Comics' Ghost and Secrets of the Haunted House comics, and an all-around dick to Hawkman before I got my name legally changed.

"It is odd that I'm clearly long-running super-villain The Gentleman Ghost, a character with a long and storied history in assorted DC canon, from the comics to the cartoons to the unlicensed Hawkman porno parody which I guess isn't canon except I'm pretending it is. Did anyone watch that? How'd I look? Was my dick invisible? I should just rent it.

"In any case, my hosting career was woefully abbreviated, so I'm thrilled to be back, even if it's only for one story and even if I spent a decent portion of my time talking about whether my invisible dick. Seriously, I'm curious, it's only natural."

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