Monday, November 23, 2015


When Strange Adventures was done telling you that you were wrong if you believed whatever, they were also bringing the point home with Science Snaps! Mm-hm, you just got science-served!
Science isn't about there being a bunch of babies born in August. Science is using that information to figure out that a lot of people musta been fucking in December, THAT'S science!
The Science Snaps might have been a little better for the young audience of the book, as it was neither as text-heavy as other science-related pieces nor as densely-illustrated.

I cry when I cut onions because I love onions so goddamn much.

So what happened to that fat lady's skirt, did she use a round iron?

There's actually two things which prevent the manufacture of 100% efficient machines, and that's friction and American manufacturing standards.

Every bit of this will be on the test.

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Johnie Long Torso said...

"So what happened to the fat lady's skirt, did she use a round iron?"
I assumed she had a little trouble with the scissors.

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