Monday, December 7, 2015


The Adventures of Alan Ladd
The lines between reality and fiction are blurred when movie stars get their own comic titles. Although implicitly playing a role within the pages of the book, no particular distinction is made between the "real" Alan Ladd, his fictional self, and the assorted adventures into which he's inserted between two four-color covers. Taken at face value, history has never had a braver hero than Alan Ladd.

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Eric said...

O'course, growing up with his old man in stuff like this is probably about 80% of the reason his studio-executive son, Alan Ladd, Jr., was such a keen booster at 20th Century Fox for that over-budgeted and behind-schedule "Flash Gordon" knockoff George Lucas made in the mid-'70s. So here's to Alan Ladd Comics, because sometimes even in real life the kids of comic-book superheroes are born with special powers like superior vision.

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