Wednesday, November 16, 2016


When it says "Uncle Joe," does it mean "Stalin?"
I featured Speed Centaur - a crimefighting centaur who, when not battling evil or exploring strange, time-tossed worlds, disguised himself as a common horse by way of a rubber mask he wore over his upper body - in The League of Regrettable Superheroes because ... well, he was a crimefighting centaur. I don't really need to elaborate overmuch on that. Surprisingly, even as the horsey hero shared a name with the company which published him, Centaur Pub. thought they might've had something of a franchise player in the character. A relatively lengthy - and snooze-filled, if I might say - profile of his creator, Martin Kildale, seems to be part of the larger package.

What we've learned about Martin Kildale: He played baseball but wishes he could play football, he can't even afford to go to Mexico, and he lives in a world full of people who simply can't understand someone going to a bookstore just to buy old books. Martin Kildale seems to have been born into a very peculiar and dismal level of Hell ...

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