Friday, October 1, 2010

Gone And ForgottenWeen Presents ... DEATH FOR HIRE

It's October, arguably the best month of them all, according to an independent survey conducted by the Legion of Doom. We're only thirty days away from HALLOWEEN, which means you started seeing Christmas decorations in the stores three weeks ago, and why don't you complain about that some more, old man1?

1By which I mean "Everyone On The Internet"

Apropros to the season, I'm resurrecting the shambling corpse of Gone And Forgotten every day this month, and stealing half the brain of the excellent Pappy's Golden Age Blog (or I'm stealing his format, whichever) to present TERRIFYING STORIES OF THE MACABRE FROM GONE AND FORGOTTEN COMICS and also some Little Lulu.

So, to start us off, here's a shocking story from the excellently titled SKELETON HAND IN SECRETS OF THE SUPERNATURAL - Needs more words, that title does - Here's DEATH FOR HIRE:

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Daniel [] said...

Glad to see that this 'blog also rises.

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