Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Is it me or does that kid kinda look like a juvenile John Cleese?
Kids love to make-believe, and comics love to help them out with clever costumes to complete the gaps in their imagination. Who wouldn't want to dress like an air warden and experience all the fun of shouting "SHUT OFF THAT GODDAMN LIGHT, MISTER DENNISON, UNLESS YOU WANT THE JAPS TO BLAST YOUR PETUNIA BED TO ALL GOSH AND HELL!" through a neighbor's window?

An enterprising young cosplayer could enjoy not only the Captain Gallant-inspired Foreign Legion get up, but by combining it with the cowboy belt, smarty-pants patches and magic pixie cigarettes, he or she could also dress up as "early-stage post-Armageddon desert warrior."

All I have to say about the above is that is pretty much the opposite of fuckin' invisible.

What in the world would your friends even be raving about? The helmet's invisible, they can't see it!

And lastly, a wonderful idea until you remember that it's all cardstock and it'd all fall over everytime someone farted:


John said...

That last one actually sounds kinda fun, although I'm sure it looks nothing like the picture.

John Feaster said...

It does indeed look awesome...but these things were always done on the cheap. If I were a betting man, I'd lay money on the tiny cityscape being simple paper cut outs (on card stock if you were lucky) that took forever to assemble. I'm 47 myself, and was around for the tail end of these kid-targeted scams. Nothing I ever sent away for was worth either the price or the wait. "Giant footlocker of army men" indeed! :-)

Reno said...

After wearing that helmet you'll be invisible because no one's going to mind you or play with you.

Johny Longtorso said...

I see a giant Joe Stalin in the picture, but I just can't spot the promised giant Chinaman.
But it was kinda clever ass covering to show that children would have to provide their own scissors and cut out the pieces themselves.

James W. Fry 3.0 said...

I sent away for one of those cowboy belts. The name on the one they sent me was "Bort".

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