Saturday, October 31, 2015


"I am Dr.Leopald Maas, and I come to you from The World of Your DREEEAAAAMMMMMS!

"I was the host of Spirit World and Weird Mystery Tales, the latter of which you'd otherwise mistake for regular ol' run-of-the-mill mystery tales if they didn't slap that "weird" on the front of it.

"I'm sure you can also tell from the thick, angular shadows carved into my face that I'm a creation of comics' most tireless creator, Jack Kirby. This means I was not only hosting stories of terror and mystery, but also I was navigating Kirby caption dialogue from the git-go. That's the real test of an accomplished host ...

"Speaking of comic book greats, I hope you'll enjoy this bizarre story from the pen of one of comics' most independent voices, Basil Wolverton, in a story which sort of blows the reveal right in the title ..."

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