Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Whoa whoa whoa, buddy -- my mother was an alligator.
Here's a pair of vital questionnaires, the first of which covers your attitudes towards your fellow men, and also music, cabbages and genre fiction. In some ways, it certainly seems like all of those things are tied up together. It's a little galling that the first question doesn't affect your score one way or the other -- I genuinely aced it on "Spiders" and "Long-hair music..."

Those kids in the middle panel seem to be having a fucking blast.
If equality between the races and creeds isn't your cup of tea, how about checking your awareness of how not to poke your eye out? It's worth pointing out that all the depictions of kids doing idiotic things that may ultimately lead to permanent blindness and facial scarring are little dudes. I'd suggest that this strip fails the above Brotherhood Quotient test except I recall that ladies put eyeliner on with tiny sharp pencils every day of their lives but if you leave a guy alone in a room with a homemade rocket for even, like, two minutes, you'll have to go shopping for a guide dog and a white stick.

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