Saturday, October 11, 2014


Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, has dominated the twin media of late-night syndicated UHF television and in-store point-of-sale novelty cardboard cut-out displays to such a degree that it's only natural she'd end up hosting not only her trademark trash-TV show but also a pair of horror-themed comics. For a period of about a year and a run of a dozen issues, Elvira took the reins on DC's long-running spooks-and-shock-endings title House of Mystery, and then later in a lesser-known run of 160+ comics from Claypool, and how does that even happen? Twelve issues of the series everyone's heard of, more than twelve times that of the series most folks didn't even know existed. Comics!

Elvira is also one of the few comic hosts to have her act copyrighted lock, stock and barrel, which is why this one's not being written in the host's voice. Well, that and I blush at boob jokes. Cock jokes, forgetaboutit, cock jokes I can handle. Oh,and ball jokes! Cock and ball jokes, yes sir, we're set on cock and ball jokes. Boob jokes, enh, you might try the fella down the street, he might know a guy.

Meanwhile, let's check out a story which would have seemed right at home under Elvira's wing, a story of long-simmering supernatural revenge, "The Long Wait" ...

Script: John Stanley
Art: Uncredited

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neofishboy said...

Well that was ... pretty effective, actually. It helps that giant sharks freak me right the fuck out.

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