Sunday, October 5, 2014


"Welcome, you wayfaring whippersnappers of the internet, to the Sunday Thriller Theater portion of Gone&Forgotten's 31 Days of Halloween! Relive a long-forgotten horror classic with me, Colonel Whiteshroud, which I swear is a real name and not merely an office one can attain in some arcane white supremacist group.

"I was the host of Charlton Comics' short-lived 1970s scare'um series. Monster Hunters, retelling my tales of the terrifying subhumans which I hunted for sport. Again, nothing racist there at all, I merely wanted to drive these savage beasts away from civilization and back into the murky jungles where they belonged. See, absolutely innocent, you can't possibly read anything symbolic into that.

"I mean, sure, yes, the Great White Hunter portrayal is, by itself, a callback to a patronizing caricature of aboriginal cultures as backwards, simple and savage, requiring European oppression to be beaten into modernity, but believe me when I say I only adopted it to honor my ancestors. This albino leopard skin hatband is a symbol of heritage, not hate!

"In any case, enjoy this story from Dell's 1962 volume Tales From The Tomb, featuring a malevolent carpet creature, which is also what I call my grandchildren. Ho ho, some fun, anyway, keep the bloodlines pure, peace out!"




Story: John Stanley
Art: Frank Springer

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Permanus said...

At first I completely misread the title as "Mr. Green must be red!".

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