Sunday, October 18, 2015


"Hey there, I'm The Mummy - three thousand years young and loving it!

"I spent my career grinning my way through the horror stories of BEWARE! TERROR TALES, one of the few comics out there with an interjection and exclamatory punctuation right in the middle, not counting CHECK IT! RACE CAR STORIES and BUH-WHA! INFORMATIONAL DOCUMENTS ...

"So what does a three-thousand year-old mummy do with its spare time once the horror comic hosting game dries up? Well, I keep fit, I joined a book club, and I'm knitting myself a new sarcophagus. Next week, everyone in the home is getting a bus ride to go play mini-golf. I plan to stand in front of the enormous plaster sphinx on hole 13 and scream "FAKE" until the security guys have to haul me out by the loose bandages. It keeps me young, don't you know!"

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